Climate Friendly Travel

Air Chathams are on a progressive journey to making sustainable good-practice an intrinsic part of every-day aviation services and processes. So, we have partnered with CarbonClick to enable our customers to reduce the impact of their travels and take meaningful climate action.

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We're on a journey towards a better future, and you're invited to join us!

We all love to travel! But travel emissions have a big impact on the environment. Together with CarbonClick, we help you become more climate friendly by offsetting your travel emissions. This is done by supporting high-quality, grass-roots sustainability projects and environmental initiatives - that both benefit the environmental footprint of the airline and the communities, we connect and do business with, in New Zealand and the Pacific. We are focused on being part of a locally focused, neighbourhood-approach to finding more environmentally friendly ways of working and supporting community groups in making the air, land and water of Aotearoa a healthier place for us all.

Our collective contribution is growing thanks to travellers like you offsetting their emissions!

How can I travel climate friendly?

We all like to travel. o Unfortunately this leaves a footprint on our planet.Air Chathams and CarbonClick make it easy for you to mitigate your travel footprint.

Meaningful, and trustworthy climate action in three simple steps!

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Calculate emissions

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Purchase offset

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Trace contribution

Supporting projects that make a positive impact on climate change

We aim to contribute positively to our communities while recognizing the global imperative to tackle climate change. That's why we endorse top-tier carbon offsetting initiatives, whether they're based locally or internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

A carbon credit is what is bought and sold when dealing with voluntary carbon offsets. For every tonne of CO2 that a project manages to absorb or otherwise reduce, a carbon credit is issued. Carbon credits are certified by international standards and held in registries like the Gold Standard registry (international credits) or the Emissions Trading Register (New Zealand).

Carbon offsetting is a tool that allows individuals or companies to reduce their environmental impact. Purchasing carbon offsets funds climate projects that reduce emissions or remove CO2 from the atmosphere (sequester), such as native reforestation or clean energy development. Purchasing one carbon offset credit removes the equivalent of one tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere.

CarbonClick uses the international standard method for flight emissions calculations. Taking into account average loading factors and routes between different airports. A point of contention in calculating the emissions of flights is ‘Radiative Forcing’, this related to the effects vapours and aerosols have when released in high atmosphere in forming clouds, due to the ongoing debate in the scientific community CarbonClicks calculations do not currently include the effects of radiative forcing.

CarbonClick enables businesses and their customers to take meaningful climate action through high-quality, fully transparent carbon offsetting. CarbonClick has developed a rigorous auditing process to select the best climate projects and offers instant traceability to any contribution received. CarbonClick is a certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

The money paid to CarbonClick for carbon credits goes towards certified carbon offset projects that have met the highest standards. The funds are distributed amongst carbon offset suppliers carrying out the projects and CarbonClick takes a small margin on the carbon credits for sourcing projects, quality assurance, administration and transaction fees.

CarbonClick is committed to making carbon offsetting tangible and trustworthy. We do this by tracing every transaction to the projects it supports so you can see the retirement certificates for every kg of CO2 offset. The track & trace link is sent in every purchase confirmation email, and can also be found on our website.